Cork Heritage Pub Trail

There are so many fantastic 7586161588_a6c1c87486_bpubs in Cork, that there is now a dedicated heritage pub trail going through the city. Following it will lead you to some of the best traditional and modern pubs as well as mu
sic venues, in Cork. And make sure to try Mi Daza, a Cork stout brewed locally from a 150 year old recipe!

Sin É

This small and cosy pub is everything you’d expect an Irish pub to be. First opened in 1889, the pub soon became the home of traditional music in Cork and still hosts live music seven days a week. Great beer, good prices and a friendly crowd of regulars ensure a warm welcome and a great evening.

The Mutton Lane Inn

Stepping into this pub is like stepping back in time. Wooden floors and candle lit rooms, with no TVs. Fantastic craft beers are on offer, as well as a range of other beverages. It’s a unique pub and the ideal place to relax on a rainy afternoon.

Arthur Mayne’s

This former pharmacy turned wine bar is sure to intrigue. Seeing is believing!

The Oval

The name comes from the unique ceiling seen on the premises. The entire building remains in its original condition and is one of the most popular pubs in the city. They stock local craft beers and host music at the weekend. Get in early though, as the crowds soon build up.

El Fenix

An intimate riverside bar with excellent music, this former dockers’ pub retains its old world charm.

Crane Lane Theatre

Offering a wide range of locally brewed craft beers, this pub has three bars, a beer garden and live music seven days a week. It’s also the only late night bar in the city, open until 2am.


Famed for its elegance, it’s one of the best places to eat fresh, locally sourced food in the city. By night it transforms into a nightclub.

The Vicarstown Inn

Long and narrow, this pub dates back to the medieval times. Candlelit corners and a great beer garden make this a popular place to relax.

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